We hired Hutch Crane to bring in their 75ton crane for this large cottonwood removal.

The tree was hollow at the base and leaned toward the house. It was 44″ in diameter, 100′ tall, and estimated to be about 130 years old.

If you look closely you can see me dangling from the top of the crane boom.

The crane takes the top.

On my way up to hook another section.

Getting into position to make a cut.

Once in position, I make the cut and the crane takes the piece away.

Lowering the piece down onto the road for the ground crew to work on.

George and I stop for a photo before I go up to make another cut.

I asked Green Mountain Power come in beforehand  to install protective covers on the three phase lines.

The customer asked that we leave a high stump for this head stone to lean against.

Making the final cut on the trunk, which weighed 10,500 pounds.

And away it goes!

The Town of Warren let us close Main Street for four hours.

I am standing with my legs down inside of the hollow trunk section.

Here you can see just how hollow the tree was.

We always have a good group of spectators for jobs like this.

Once the tree was down it was only a matter of minutes before the log truck arrived to take the logs away.

From left to right. Crane operator Ray Smith, Adam P., Adam W., the homeowner Mona, and George.

Whitney Tree Service Crew (L-R) Marilyn, Adam W., Adam P., and George