(L-R) Travis, Adam, and Marilyn celebrate a solid 2nd place finish

DSC_2236 Sept 24 top 3

1st Adam Pierson, 2nd Adam Whitney, 3rd Johnny Heydenreich


The Whitney Tree Service & Motorsports #12 USAC Dirt Midget Driven by Adam Whitney


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The DMA had 23 cars last night. 21 cars started the feature, we started 8th & finished 7th.IMG_4061




May 26th, 2014

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Thanks to Butch Valley Jr. of New England Motor Racing Supply, I was given the opportunity to drive a sprint car this past summer. Butch Valley Sr. has known my family through auto racing for decades. The first race car he ever owned was purchased from my grandfather “Tinker”. It was the #77 car and they still use the same number successfully today.

Getting ready to go onto the track in theNEMRS #77 Sprint Car

The Whitney Tree Service & Motorsports Team (L – R) Marilyn & Adam, Travis, Mary, & Whitney

USAC DMA Midget driven by Adam Whitney at Bear Ridge Speedway 6/16/12

Adam (12)  running 3 wide with Scott Holcomb (91) and Dana Shaw (6)

Thanks to Renee Francis Michaud for the photos!


BRADFORD, VT – USAC DIRT MIDGET ASSOCIATION RACE RESULTS:  June 16, 2012 – Bradford, Vermont – Bear Ridge Speedway

FRIST HEAT: (8 laps) 1. Jamie Spalding (#93 Tefft), 2. Kevin Chaffee (#23 Matczak), 3. Tim Gallant (#33 Gallant), 4. Dean Christensen (#69 Miller), 5. Greg Olson (#0 Tefft), 6. Jack Arute (#26 Covey), 7. Jim Mossman (#1 Mossman), 8. Jeff Champagne (#77 Champagne). NT

SECOND HEAT: (8 laps) 1. Scott Holcomb (#91 Holcomb), 2. Joe Krawiec (#4 Matczak), 3. Adam Whitney (#12 Whitney), 4. Ray Miller (#1 Miller), 5. Dana Shaw (#6x Olson), 6. Chase Dowling (#76 Manafort), 7. Denny Zimmerman (#3 Matczak), 8. Dave Hotchkiss (#47 Miller). DNS: Jim Close (#7x Close), Connor Leighton (#84 Leighton).  2:39.78

FEATURE:  (25 laps)   1. Joe Krawiec, 2. Kevin Chaffee, 3. Scott Holcomb, 4. Jamie Spalding, 5. Chase Dowling, 6. Tim Gallant, 7. Ray Miller, 8. Adam Whitney, 9. Greg Olson, 10. Dave Hotchkiss, 11. Jack Arute, 12. Jim Close, 13. Dana Shaw, 14. Dean Christensen, 15. Denny Zimmerman, 16. Jim Mossman, 17. Jeff Champagne, 18. Connor Leighton.

FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-9 Spalding, Laps 10-14 Holcomb, Lap 15 Chaffee, Laps 16-25 Krawiec.

NEXT USAC DMA MIDGET RACE:  June 30, 2012 – Bradford, Vermont – Bear Ridge Speedway

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Adam gets the holeshot

Marilyn is all smiles on her way to victory in the women’s race

Adam chasing hard

Adam on his way to a third place finish

Thanks to Onion River Sports for putting on a great race!

The course is 4.3 miles long and climbs 2,550 vertical feet on the famous Mt.Mansfield Toll Road to the summit parking lot. The racecourse starts on pavement for a third of a mile, then switches to gravel for 4 miles.

Racers face a steady incline throughout the course, with a 10-degree maximum pitch. Among the rewards is one of the most spectacular views in the East, overlooking three states and Canada.

All participants must ride mountain bikes with tires at least 2 inches wide.

For the third year in a row Marilyn sets a new overall womens record in the mountain bike hillclimb

The finish & a new record time of 41:55. Faster than last years time by 1:31!