Last Friday night’s wind storm sure made a mess! One of our emergency storm calls was from Windridge Tennis & Sports Camps at Teela-Wooket. A large pine tree’s root system was undermined by heavy rain and was no match for the high winds that came in on the backside of the storm. At nearly 125′ tall and 3′ in diameter, it was going to be a challenge to remove this tree that was now resting on the camp’s office building. The tree wasn’t safe to climb or tie into, and it couldn’t be reached with our bucket truck. I decided to use two large cranes for the project. A 75 ton crane would lift tree sections and due to the risk of the tree shifting, further uprooting and falling, crushing the building while working on it, a 36 ton crane would support the climber. We had perfect weather for the day and I’m incredibly proud of how our team safely and efficiently worked together on this complex project.