Silver maple removal with bucket truck and crane

Thankfully Green Mountain Power de-energized the wires for us.

For a few of the picks I wasn’t able to reach from bucket, the crane would lift me out of the bucket to go up and set the rigging. Then I would repel down to make the cut from the bucket truck.

It’s getting smaller

George prepares the face notch

Got wood?

This would heat your house for a while

I prepped the saws each night so they’d be ready for the next day.

Now the first two trees are down. Tomorrow we are set to remove the two large cottonwood trees you can see on the left further down the street.

I started with the biggest tree first, a 57″ diameter cottonwood. We are also using a larger 75 Ton crane.

This street corner is going to look a lot different from now on.

With a 36″ bar on my saw there was only a small piece of wood in the center that I couldn’t reach.

This log weighed 16,500 lbs!